David Harrington
"Speak your mind, because those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind"
-my pop, Ed Harrington

Originally brought up under the supervision of the Great Master Jimmy Wang Yu, Dave aspired to understand the true ways of the flying guillotine.

However, after loosing his first battle to the limbless Crippled Master, Dave was banished to Plymouth Massachusetts to learn the way of the Wampanoag.

Dave's first and last battle came as a surprise to both him and
Master Jimmy Wang Yu, but Dave's experience with the flying guillotine had no chance against the Crippled Master's skill with his
Space Odyssey 2001 metal lunch box.

Banished to live under the Plymouth Rock, he took on the name Budgie Dunzel and decided that he would just pretend to be a Wampanoag. The reason behind this was that the Wampanoag's were always protesting on Thanksgiving and
since Dave, I mean Budgie Dunzel, was always tired form the copious amounts of tryptophan laced turkey that he would ingest, the whole picketing and rioting
thing just wasn't working out for him.

One lazy Thanksgiving afternoon, while sleeping under the Plymouth Rock and dreaming that the Red Sox had just won the World Series (we can still dream), Budgie was woken by Jim "Uncle Jimmy Bean" Viau, (founder and official spookologist of the Terrorbite Haunted House Company in Salem New Hampshire) playing the blues on his harp.

Recognizing his talent and addiction to light-bright, Uncle Jimmy Bean took Budgie under his wing (It was really an arm) and taught him the ways of Scaring little kids via the haunted house.

It was here that Budgie got his first experience working with UV light and
Black Light Reactive paints!

Understanding that he had not yet learned how to speak, Budgie changed his name back to Dave, Moved to San Diego, California, and attended San Diego State University. In May of 2004, Dave graduated with a BA in Communication and is now an avid speaker. In fact, he is working on becoming fluent in Spanish also.

On July 15th, 2006, Dave was married to Jessica Lynn-Kelly Harrington in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Recognizing that Dave was an East-Coaster with a burner-mentality, Jessica decided to introduce Dave to the Wicked Frickin' Good People at Burning Man. It was through this culture that Dave was introduced to The Ancient Gallery folk and the rest is history.
(Disclaimer: Except for some of the information like living in Plymouth MA, loving the Red Sox, Uncle Jim, Jessica and Burning man, moving to California, and getting a BA in Communication at SDSU, the rest of this bio is purely fiction and lies! But it is a lot more entertaining than the real one!)


-Starting in 1993, Dave (DJ Fidget) began DJ-ing and his extensive Vinyl collection.
Music Affiliates
-Low Impact
-Broken Beat
-Forward Sound
-Three The Hard Way

-Dave comes from a very talented family and has some really big shoes to fill! They are the first and main influences in his music and artistry. From listening to the blues harp, learning how to make masks ,and build haunted houses with his Uncle Jim Viau, watching his Uncle Chuck Viau build computers for Terrorbite and play the drums, and going to his Uncle Bob Viau's (studiovo.com) art shows to see his amazing sculptures, drawings , and paintings, Dave has been introduced to and worked with many different mediums. As of most recently, Dave's focus has been on Graffiti, in particular, Stencil Graffiti.