What is the Ancient Gallery?

The Ancient Gallery is a collaboration of several artists who specialize in UV reactive, or Blacklight Art. The experience is further intensified with the use of 3D glasses and a sound environment that will challenge your mind, your eyes, your emotions, your sense of balance and your imagination.

Some of what you will see is fantasy, some political, some social, and even some classic forms. Much of the experience is interactive or possibly in motion. Not all of it is apparent immediately; you might have to spend some time in The Gallery to actually witness some of the surprises. The idea is to play with your sense of reality utilizing techniques that can be nearly overwhelming.

This is not the blacklight posters from the 70's that you might immediately think of, through strategic mixing of fluorescent colors, even earth tones can be made to react. Nor are the glasses the red/blue variety from the same era, our glasses use clear lenses for much more natural vision.

The Ancient Gallery will be an experience you will never forget.

Reserve The Ancient Gallery for your event

The Ancient Gallery is a continuously evolving project. The artists have a wide variety of art and skills and can custom design everything from individual art pieces, to entire themes, to performance art utilizing dance, acrobatics, costumes, and music. Placements can be designed to fit a wide range of venues from moderate museum installations, to garden party style events, all the way up to large private parties and corporate events.